Chrisams Designs is celebrating its 30-year Anniversary

Chrisams Designs is celebrating 30 years of successful business relationships and will commemorate this great milestone by holding a celebration on July 20th 2017.

The objective of this celebration is to connect with and recognize the clients and partners who have made the success of the organization possible.

During the celebrations on July 20th, Chrisams Designs will officially launch three new offerings, namely:

  1. The Chrisams vocational school Namungalwe – Important for Skilling Ugandans. This is a school in Iganga Eastern Uganda. This school is newly opened and its principal personally went through Chrisams Designs’ orientation program in early May 2017.
  2. New training programs at Chrisams Designs at the head office in Mulago, Kampala
  3. Mass production line of Hospital products mainly hospital scrubs and clinical coats

Chrisams Designs will also showcase some of the products it has been making in the last 30 years. Over 150 friends, partners and stakeholders will attend the celebrations on July 20th.

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